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Since I purchased my first film SLR camera in 1979,I have been photographing the beautiful California wine country and other amazing landscapes across the country.

I find that I see the world in a different way than most people I know. My eyes see the world as light and shadow, colors and patterns, textures and shapes. With my photography I try to remind people that world is full of amazing sights. From the most magnificent natural wonder to the simplicity of sunlight through the trees, I attempt to capture these moments to share with others. If one of my photographs inspires someone to say..."I want to see that!" then I have been successful.

Chosen as one of 25 photographers to be featured in the 500px article

25 Beautiful  Photos to Celebrate 125 Years of Yosemite

One of David's photos was chosen from more than 31,000 Yosemite photos posted on 500px .


California State Fair

Best of Division - Life In California - Landscape - 2018

"Fishin' on the Rock of the Bay"

Sonoma County Fair & Sonoma County Harvest Fair

Best of Show - 2013 & 2015

Best of Section - 2X

First Place - 10X

California State Parks Photo Contest

Photo of the Month - 2X

Photo of the Week - 4X

Photo of the Day - 4X

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